Bangladesh national number, Bangladesh non-geographic did number

Bangladesh national number

The service Bangladesh national number allows you to purchase a non-geographic phone number of Bangladesh, to receive calls as if you were physically in the country.

The service Bangladesh national number allows you to purchase a non-geographic phone number of Bangladesh, to receive calls as if you were physically in Bangladesh. This number can serve as a national phone in your home, office, mobile or tablet. For non-residents, a national number from Bangladesh is a landline number to receive calls as if they were physically in Bangladesh, without specifying the city.

The person resident in Bangladesh pays a local call when calling your national number of Bangladesh, and you just pay the monthly fee regardless of the length or number of calls you receive.

How works Bangladesh non-geographic number?

By subscribing to the Bangladesh national number, you will receive an activation email that contains your phone number, web interface access and the details of your SIP account (SIP user, password and SIP server), to configure your SIP terminal. This confirmation email will be sent between 1 and 24 hours.

If you don't have a SIP terminal (IP Phone, Smartphone, Tablet, computer, IP PBX) or you just want to receive calls from your Bangladesh non-geographic number on your landline or mobile phone without internet, you can forward incoming calls to your number. In this case, you will pay an additional cost for call forwarding (visit our call rates).

Receiving calls of Bangladesh national number

1- Receive calls on your mobile phone by installing an application such as zoiper or media5fone.
2- Receiving calls on your computer by installing a softphone such as zoiper or x-lite.
3- Forward calls to your current phone number (option).
4- Receiving calls on your IP phone, sip adapter or pabx ip.

Key features of Bangladesh national number

Bangladesh non-geographic number to receive calls by internet.
Can receive 2 calls simultaneously (option for more channels).
Allows To Identify callers before you answer (Caller ID).
Voip line with customizable voicemail.
Call forwarding based on time.
Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, by internet ADSL, WiFi, 3G or 4G.
Requires internet with a minimum of 256 kbps upload and download.
Compatible with IP phones and sip adapters.
Supports audio codecs G729, G711a and G711u.
Web interface to manage your phone line.
Call logs (calls made and received).
No term commitment or contracts.
Music for calls on hold…

Special conditions for Bangladesh national number

The following documents are required:
1 - Copy of an ID or passport.
The document must be valid, and it can be from any country.
If you are a business, you must also provide a copy of the company document.

2-Your address for registering the number (street, number, city, province, postal code, etc.).
Proof of your address less than 6 months old.

Please do not order the Bangladesh national number service if you do not have the requested documents because given the costs incurred by Hivoox for the activation of each number, your order may be canceled, and no refund will be accepted. You can contact us before any order, if you have any questions about it.

The customer subscribes the Bangladesh non-geographic number to receive phone calls. The customer must have a sip device (PC, Smartphone, tablet, IP Phone, IP PBX etc.) connected to ADSL, WiFi, 3G, 4G etc.

The customer can also receive phone calls from Bangladesh non-geographic number, on his landline or mobile phone with the forwarding function. In this case, each forwarded call will be charged at the rates in effect at Hivoox. The customer can also purchase voip minutes that will allow call forwarding to fixed or mobile.

Unsubscribe and refund

The Bangladesh non-geographic number is valid for 30 days and automatically renews each month on the same date. If you see high on 05, your next billing would be 05 the following month. To unsubscribe, simply email us and request to cancel the service. Note that you have to request the closure of your account, before the billing date and have no outstanding bill.

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