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Find answers on our billing department. Find out how to pay your invoices, payment delays, invoices downloads, payment methods and more other information.

  1. Pay with credit card by Paypal without having Paypal account

    PayPal is one of the most used online payment services in the world, with more than 15 million merchants worldwide, which offers it to its customers as a method of payment. With Paypal, merchants of all types can offer credit card payments to their customers without all the usual banking restrictions.

    This excellent payment service allows individuals or companies in any country to pay for purchases, receive payments, send and receive money quickly and online. For these reasons, more than 200 million people use PayPal to buy, sell or send money around the world. To benefit from PayPal services, the user must create an account and then send several bank details to PayPal, such as the credit card or bank account number. Once validated, it will be enough to indicate the email address and

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  2. Cancel my telesales service and telemarketer

    If you wish to cancel your collaboration with a telemarketer for any reason, simply send us an email and request the cancellation of the service. We will pay the telemarketer for the days worked and the remaining balance will remain in your Hivoox account. You can use this amount to buy other services or request a withdrawal. Please note that the withdrawal will be made through the payment method used to contract the service.

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  3. My order already paid is pending, what should I do?

    Your question:

    I have placed an order for a virtual number on your website, I made the payment, but the order is in pending status. Can you tell me what I did wrong?

    Our answer:

    When you place an order on our website and make the payment with your credit card, PayPal or other online payment method, the order status is "COMPLETE". If your order is in the status "Pending" this means that the order has not been paid online, your online payment has failed or you have chosen a payment as bank transfer, money order or other offline payment.

    In any case, we recommend that you open a support ticket and select a sales department, so that a sales representative verifies your order and tells you what to do. If you have made a bank transfer, do

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  4. I do not know how to pay my monthly invoice from the website

    Your question:

    I do not know how to pay my monthly invoice from the website, and I just received a message announcing the suspension of services, how can I pay this invoice?

    Our answer:

    You can pay your invoice by accessing your PBS space, on the tab "Billing information" on your left you will see the menu "Make a payment". Through this menu you can pay your invoice easily.

    You can also pay your invoice through the website, at the bottom of the page, under the menu "Other links", you will find the menu "Pay my invoice", you must click and follow the instructions to pay your invoice.

    If after that you still cannot pay your invoice, open a support ticket and we will verify the problem with your account.

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  5. I made the payment, but my account is suspended

    We recommend that you pay your invoice from the PBS portal as the system automatically registers your payment and unlocks your Hivoox account without human intervention. If you choose to pay using the payment form available on our website, we must manually charge your account and this may take a few hours.

    We recommend recharging the PBS electronic wallet, so we can automatically charge the invoice amount each month. You can also ask us to activate automatic payment through PayPal.

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  6. Payment methods accepted by Hivoox Telecom

    You can pay invoices and services with a credit card through PayPal, Skrill Moneybookers, bank transfer or use the PBS electronic wallet. In the case of a payment through PayPal, you can make the payment without having a PayPal account. Click on the create an account button and PayPal will ask you to complete the payment form. Your account will only be confirmed if you click on the email that paypal sent to you after your purchase.

    Since these payment methods are the only ones we offer, it is preferable that you have a PayPal account for the following payments. Paying by bank transfer is a good option, however, international bank transfer fees may have a high cost depending on your country of residence. You can also use our PBS electronic wallet, which allows you to top-up your account

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  7. Suspend my line temporarily

    Yes, you can temporarily suspend your line, if your account does not have service billed each month (for example, phone number). If you have a phone number billed per month and request a temporary suspension, you will lose the number.

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  8. Cancel my virtual number

    To unsubscribe from the service, you must respond to the email where you receive the invoices, request the cancellation of your number and not have an unpaid invoice. Keep in mind that you should not have an unpaid invoice. It is best to make this request before your billing date.

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  9. My balance is negative

    It is possible that in some sections of your account in pbs, the balance appears in negative (example -5) while you have just charged your account. In these cases, we recommend that you only consider the amount shown in "AVAILABLE FUNDS" that you can see as soon as you log in to PBS in the upper left.

    Our system works in credit mode and not debit. When you have -5 euros, it means that 5 euros is the balance in your favor. In our service invoices, the amount to be paid can also appear negative (example -15). This indicates that you have nothing to pay and that your remaining balance after issuing the invoice is 15 euros.

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  10. The E-Wallet pbs for payments on our website

    E-Wallet pbs is an electronic wallet that allows you to make payments on our site, pay our bills, or top up other Hivoox user accounts. You can top up your pbs account via paypal, skrill and receive payments from your sales on our site. The balance of your E-Wallet pbs can be withdrawn at any time if you have received a payment related to the sale of a product or service on our website.

    On the other hand, the amount that you top up on your E-Wallet pbs can only be used for payments for services on our site, pay our bills and cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances. When you sell your services on our site, the customer's payment goes to your E-Wallet pbs and you can withdraw it at any time after providing the paid service. For some services, the amount can be withdrawn upon the cu

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