Call plan to call landlines and mobiles from Brazil

Do you have any friends or family in Brazil, or do you do business with people residing in Brazil? We offer a solution to reduce the costs of your calls to landlines and mobiles in Brazil. Our voip phone package for Brazil includes 10 hours of calls per month to call Brazil without restriction. In addition, you can add a landline or mobile phone number from Brazil to your pack so you can also receive calls with a Brazilian number.

This service will allow you to make and receive calls as if you were in Brazil. Your correspondents will call your number from Brazil and you call them with your Brazilian number. You can make and receive phone calls with your mobile phone with a voip application, on your computer by installing software, or use a voip phone that you can buy in our website.

If you do not have internet, we can forward incoming calls to your current number, and to make calls, you must call an access number that we will provide you. Reduce your phone bills and facilitate contact with your Brazilian correspondents.

Who can subscribe to this service?

Any individual or company in Brazil or in another country, wishing to reduce their telephone bills and have a telephone line of Brazil without geographical restriction.