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  1. The creation of a site for Dropshipping by Manuel Martins

    Whether you are a worker or unemployed, rich, or poor, if you are used to surfing the internet, you have probably already read the word Dropshipping somewhere. If you want to get started in this type of business, I leave you here some indications which can help you to succeed in your business.

    Dropshipping is a type of online business, where the merchant sells the products he does not have in stock and buys it only when a customer places an order and pays on his website. The merchant can sell the products on his website or on thousands of marketplaces on the internet.

    In this article I will mainly talk about selling through a website because in my opinion, although Marketplaces allow you to sell quickly and make money, it is better to have a website that allows you to build

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  2. Creation of companies in multiple countries

    Through our network of consultancies and law firms around the world, you can create your business quickly without being physically present in the country. In some countries, the company is created, and the bank account is opened without the need for your physical presence in these countries.

    You can create different types of companies in different jurisdictions for a variety of reasons. We will help you start your business as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us if you can not find the service on our site or if you have any questions.

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  3. Domicile my company and perform the steps for the tax registration in order to obtain the VAT number in Morocco

    Your question:

    Owner of a Netherlands company, I wish to domicile my company in Morocco and perform the steps for tax registration in order to obtain the VAT number. Can you help me?

    Our answer:

    Our business address (virtual office) in Morocco allows you to obtain an address in Morocco to receive correspondence or to make the Moroccan headquarters of your company.

    To obtain a Moroccan VAT number, the best solution is:

    Creation of a branch of your Spanish company.
    Creation of a subsidiary of your Spanish company.
    The creation of a new company with the same name.

    As part of one of these solutions, we can help you get the Moroccan VAT number, domicile your company and put you in touch with an accounting

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  4. Can you make me a presentation video for my business?

    Yes, we have teams and experts capable of making presentation videos or promoting your business quickly. You can choose the language of the video as well as the content of the video so that our team can work.

    We are aware that a video presentation of your company or the promotion of your services and products can be a key part of your marketing strategy. This is why all videos of this type, produced by our teams, are designed by multimedia and marketing specialists.
    To design your video, we will need your graphic charter (logo, font, colors, etc.), to understand what you want to convey, to know the target audience, your strengths, and you must provide us with the necessary texts.

    If you would like to design the video in a language other than your own, our team can do the

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  5. Do you offer banners and images for social networks?

    Yes, you just need to search for the corresponding category on our website. You can choose banners, cover images, or publication images for your different pages on social networks, and we will be happy to make them for you.

    In the case of images with texts, our team is multilingual and spread over various countries, in order to be able to provide you with images with texts in the language. If you want a particular service, and you can't find it on the website, you can open a support ticket, and we'll give you a free personalized quote.

    By choosing Hivoox for the creation of your social media images, you are collaborating with a team specialized in digital marketing, having the skills in the creation of images, but also in the creation of content capable of being targeted for

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  6. Can you design the unique Custom visual identity for my company?

    Yes, our teams can design 100% Custom visual identity for you. Generally, all Custom visual identities sold on our site are unique and tailor-made. We recommend that you open a support ticket on our site and tell us about your needs, and we will make you a free proposal quickly.

    We will need to know more about your company and the image you want to convey of your company to customers, your sector of activity and to know the strengths of your company.

    Upon receipt of your request, an expert will inform you to review the details with you before making you a free proposal. Quality work, unique and made to measure, can take up to 30 days to be delivered. You will receive several versions of the work, and the chosen version will be used to design the various documents for your co

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  7. Open a bank account

    We do not provide the service of opening a bank account to our clients. You will not find this product in our catalog. However, if you have hired our virtual company service and wish to open a bank account in the chosen country, we can show you the way and accompany you so that you can do it.

    In some cases, we can show you the ways to open a bank account with or without your physical presence in the chosen country. We insist that this help is only possible if you are a customer of our virtual company service that allows you to have a presence in another country.

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  8. Company and bank account

    Yes, in our business creation network, we can help you create your business and open a bank account without being physically present in the territory. This is possible in at least 5 countries in Europe, some states in the USA, The Caribbean and Latin America. For detailed information, send us a message indicating your activity and the desired country, so we can give you a specific answer.

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  9. Companies urgent ready to work

    In some European countries, we offer companies already created and ready to work in less than 24 hours. This is the case, for example, in Spain. The companies we work with help you get a business in just 24 hours to start. For all these companies, the share capital has been fully disbursed.

    You pay, sign and receive the papers without delay. In addition, you can increase the capital stock and change the corporate object on the day of signing. If you can not move, you can make a power to our advisor who will do what is necessary.

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  10. Processing of NIE in Spain in less than 20 business days

    The NIE is a necessary document when you want to invest in the Kingdom of Spain, whether you are physically in Spain or not. It can also be processed at the Spanish consulate. If you are in Spain, you can request this document at a police station quickly.

    You will need an address in Spain.

    You can subscribe to address on our website. We do not have any contract that allows us to make NIE in Spain for you. However, if you can not be physically in Spain, our network of lawyers in Spain can help you make your NIE quickly, without having to do it through the Spanish consulate in your country.

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  11. Creation of your business in Morocco by professionals

    Entrust the creation of your company in Morocco to professionals and market leader.

    To be able to start the procedure for setting up a business in Morocco, you must provide the following:

    -Your Choice of Company names (preferably five choices in order of priority).
    -The legal form of your choice.
    -Copy of the National Card (for Moroccans), the Residence Card (for foreign residents) and the passport (for non-resident foreigners) of partners and Managers.
    -The social object (activity) of the company.
    -address (a Certificate of Ownership, lease contract or a Domiciliation in our Premises).
    -the distribution of shares among the partners.
    -the capital to be mentioned on the articles of association.
    -Management (one or more Managers is possible).

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  12. Why should your business have a virtual number and business address in France?

    With more than 200,000 e-commerce sites, more than 72 billion euros in 2016 and a forecast of more than 80 billion in 2017, Internet shopping continues to grow in France. In France, over the first three months of 2017, Internet sales reached 20 billion euros, i.e. 2.5 billion more than in 2016 during the same period, according to the Fevad (Federation of e-commerce and distance selling).

    A large number of French Internet users buy on foreign websites, to find products that are cheaper or unavailable in France. Although finding cheaper products abroad, a large part of French Internet users are hampered by a lack of confidence, excessively long delivery times and the complexity of using a language other than French.

    If you want to increase your internet sales, you can take advantage

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  13. Why create a company, a branch or a subsidiary of your company in Morocco?

    Create your business, branch or subsidiary of your company in Morocco and enjoy the enormous advantages that Morocco offers for your business. Thanks to the simplification of the formalities for setting up a business in Morocco, it is now possible to set up your business in Morocco in just one week. In Morocco, you will find competent staff, speaking several languages and at a lower cost. The country represents a real asset, if you want to develop in the African market, create a back office, offshoring office or simply be present in a growing market.

    Strong points :

    Weekly working hour: 44 hours
    Minimum salary: around 250 € / month
    Incorporation of your company in 1 week.
    Qualified and inexpensive labor.
    Workforce speaking several languages.

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  14. International cards to receive customer payments and pay suppliers.

    Did you know that there are anonymous international Visa and Mastercard cards to receive customer payments and pay suppliers?
    These cards are debit cards that allow you to receive bank transfers, checks, western union or moneygram from any person or company in the world. They also allow you to make payments on secure websites, withdraw money at ATMs around the world.

    If you want to start an online business and you have difficulties in having an international payment method to receive payments from your clients, have a bank card to pay your suppliers, or if you want to have an anonymous visa or Mastercard, where it does not appear your name when you recharge it or when you are paid in it, we recommend these visa or mastercard.


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