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Mobile phones

Mobile Phones and VoiP: in this category you will find several articles on the operation of Mobile Phones and VoiP technology, but also answers to questions already asked by our users on the use of Mobile Phones and VoiP and answered by our experts. If you are looking for an answer about the operation of Mobile Phones and VoiP, its resources, configuration guides, a tutorial or other additional information about Mobile Phones and VoiP, you have come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question and we will be happy to answer it quickly.

  1. Can I use voip on my mobile

    Android and iPhone smartphones are SIP terminals. You can use them to make and receive calls with your Hivoox voip line very easily. Through softphones such as Zoiper, Media5fone, Bria, GS Wave and many others, use your sip line on your mobile in minutes.

    You download and install the application...

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  2. Mobile as extension of the PABX

    You can have a virtual PABX and use your mobiles as extensions in this one. For that, it will be enough to install a softphone (Zoiper, Media5fone, Bria, GS Wave and many others) in each mobile and configure the extensions of the virtual switchboard there.

    If there are phones without Internet...

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  3. Office phone with SIM card reader, and compatible with all operators

    With this phone you have all the functionality of a mobile phone in a desk phone. The phone will still work anywhere it has the GSM network, is compatible with all carriers, and looks the same as the office phones you use today.

    These excellent office phones are equipped with a SIM card reader...

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  4. Spy mobile phones

    The mobile spy phone is a phone that you can use to make and receive the usual calls of a GSM or VoIP calls under surveillance. By installing a professional monitoring program, you can know in real time what is happening on your mobile. You can see the websites visited, listen to conversations, read...

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  5. GSM phone and SIP protocol

    If you are looking for a GSM device that supports the SIP protocol, the best solution is to use an Android smartphone or an iPhone. With 4G or ADSL, communications no longer suffer quality problems. Feel free to choose this solution if you want to explore the power of GSM and SIP together...

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