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  1. Call plan to call landlines and mobiles from Brazil

    Call plan to call landlines and mobiles from Brazil

    Do you have any friends or family in Brazil, or do you do business with people residing in Brazil? We offer a solution to reduce the costs of your calls to landlines and mobiles in Brazil. Our voip phone package for Brazil includes 10 hours of calls per month to call Brazil without restriction. In addition, you can add a landline or mobile phone number from Brazil to your pack so you can also receive calls with a Brazilian number.

    This service will allow you to make and receive calls as if you were in Brazil. Your correspondents will call your number from Brazil and you call them with your Brazilian number. You can make and receive phone calls with your mobile phone with a voip application, on your computer by installing software, or use a voip phone that you can buy in our website.

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  2. Call Center in Morocco, needs a supply offer of VOIP call minutes

    Your question:

    We are a call center in Morocco, and we need an offer of VOIP call minutes that supports the G729 codec for calls to France and Switzerland from Morocco.

    Our answer:

    We appreciate your confidence and interest in Hivoox. Unfortunately, our Moroccan agency does not provide VoIP minutes.

    In Morocco, Hivoox only sells IP telephony equipment and offers a technical assistance service to client companies. To buy voip call minutes, you must buy the virtual number service on Hivoox.fr or Hivoox.com and have an international credit card for payment.

    Having an active phone number, you can request a SIP trunk for the configuration of your voip server. You can find the call rates at the bottom of the page in the "Company /

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  3. Emergency number and toll-free

    Our telephone lines should be used as a second line and never as your main line. You can not call emergencies and you will pay for toll-free number calls. The service does not call the emergency numbers, and if it can do it in some countries, they will not be able to locate you automatically as it is done with conventional lines.

    As mentioned above, you must use a conventional line to call toll-free numbers and emergency numbers. Because if you call toll-free numbers through our telephone lines, we will charge you for the call. However, there are some countries where we allow calls to toll-free numbers at no cost.

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  4. Dial without the country cod

    If you have subscribed a phone number with us, you can call the desired country from this number without having to dial the country code. In this case, if you have chosen the number of United Kingdom and you must call +44 207 0486 483, it will be enough to dial directly 0207 0486 483, as if you were in United Kingdom.

    This rule applies to all countries in our coverage. For calls outside the country of the number, you must always dial 00+ country code + number. If you can not make calls in this way, you should contact us, so we can review and correct the problem.

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  5. Can I show my number in outgoing calls?

    Yes, when you hire a phone number and make a call, that number or the number of your choice will appear on the screen of the person you are calling. If you have subscribed a telephone line without a telephone number, the number indicated at the time of registration will be shown to your contacts.

    To change the number displayed on your calls, you must tell us the number, we will make a verification call to make sure you are the owner of the number that will be displayed, and we will activate it.

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  6. Can I have a telephone line with a number from another country?

    Our VoIP service allows you to have a telephone line from the country of your choice (countries available here on our website) to make and receive calls as if you were in the chosen country. To do this, you must contract the desired country number on our website. When you receive your number and your account information, you can make and receive calls. Visit our calling rates to see the price of calls to the country of your choice.

    The people you will call or who will call you will not know at any time that you are not in the territory. You can make calls through a softphone installed on your computer, mobile application, IP phone or SIP adapter. You will find configuration tutorials here in this FAQ, but you can contact us and we will help you in the configuration.

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  7. Phone calls do not come out when I call

    After configuring your IP phone, SIP adapter, softphone or other SIP terminal, if the calls are not made, make the following checks before contacting us.

    When your SIP account is properly configured, and calls do not come out, this may be due to the incorrect configuration of your dialing rule or your account has no balance to make the desired call.

    Verifications to perform:

    Dial *98 to listen to the voicemail.

    If you do not hear the voicemail, you may have made an error by entering the sip username, password or sip server address.
    Check this information and try again. Keep in mind that, when entering the username and password, you should not leave any blank space before or after the characters or numbers.

    It is also possible that your account

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  8. All our outgoing calls are shown with foreign numbers and customers don't even answer our calls as they don't know where they are coming from. Can you help us ?


    All our outgoing calls are shown with foreign numbers (Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia ...). Our clients don't even answer our calls anymore, as they don't know that we are the ones trying to communicate with them. Can you help us solve this problem?


    Good Morning,

    In general, this error is due to the type of routing used by your SIP account. At Hivoox, you can use a calling plan, prepaid or postpaid service with standard rates or premium rates.

    Calling plans and Standard rates do not guarantee number display. However, the number is displayed correctly on most calls for some countries.

    To ensure that the phone number (caller ID) is displayed on each call, you must choose the premium rates from

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