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Sell on Hivoox

Selling in Hivoox: In this category you will find several articles on the sale of yours services on our website, but also answers to questions already asked by our users and answered by our specialists. If you are looking for a document, tutorial or other additional information about selling your services on our website, you have come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question in the comments and we will be happy to respond quickly.

  1. Tutorial to create an account on the Hivoox marketplace

    Whether you are a business or an individual, you can sell your products and services on our website quickly. We accept any type of products or services dedicated to companies. We have a large network of corporate customers around the world who are looking for a solution that you may be able to provide...

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  2. Correctly configure your seller account on Hivoox

    After creating your Hivoox seller account, you must make the basic configurations necessary for the proper functioning of your account. You must add the information to optimize and reference your page on search engines, but also a description of your profile, your schedules, telephone number, financial...

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  3. Tutorial to create products or services on Hivoox.

    You can easily publish your products or services on Hivoox in a few minutes in order to offer them for sale to Hivoox users.

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  4. Tutorial to properly process your customers' orders on Hivoox

    With this tutorial, we help you understand how our marketplace works, so that you can easily process your customers' orders on Hivoox. Do not hesitate to leave your questions in the comments, and we will be happy to answer you.

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  5. How to withdraw money from your account on Hivoox?

    When you sell your products or services on Hivoox, you need to withdraw the income related to your sales. Whether you are a business or an individual, you can withdraw the income from your sales without any complications. To do this, you simply need to enter your seller account, provide your bank details...

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  6. Sales commissions on Hivoox

    When you sell services or products on Hivoox, paying commissions is mandatory for each order you receive. However, these commissions are valid only when you deliver the order and the customer confirms receipt.

    Each time you receive an order and deliver it, the commission is deducted from your...

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  7. The category for my service is not available on the site

    Sometimes when you try to sell a product or service on our site, the category you want is not available.

    If you want to sell a service or product, and you can't find the category on the site, no problem. You can also publish the products or services in the category that most closely matches and...

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  8. Our Marketplace messaging system

    Our messaging system has been designed to facilitate communication between sellers and buyers on our site, but also to facilitate contact with the Hivoox teams in the event of an incident or dispute.

    Although the services and products are offered on our site with the prices correctly indicated...

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  9. Introducing our Marketplace to sellers

    If you have a product or service that you're looking to sell to businesses and professionals around the world, you've come to the right place. Our Marketplace offers a unique opportunity for buyers and sellers to connect and transact securely. Our platform was designed to make it easy for buyers and...

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  10. I am a graphic designer, can I offer you my services or be part of your team?

    Yes, you can sell your services or products on our site very easily and quickly. To do this, you simply need to create a seller account on our site and offer your services for sale from your Hivoox account portal.
    If you have a portfolio, you can also post the link so that buyers can see your work...

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  11. Is it possible to provide services on Hivoox being private?

    Whether you are a company or an individual, it does not matter to us, you can sell your services and products on our site, if you provide quality service to customers of our website. Our network is made up of several thousand companies and professionals around the world and every day new customers are...

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  12. The products or services you can sell on Hivoox

    In our marketplace, we accept all products and services that are useful or necessary for businesses, if they comply with the law, do not violate the rights of others, are not illegal and do not cause harm in any way to third parties or at Hivoox.

    Whether you are a vendor of hardware, software...

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  13. Resolution of disputes between sellers and buyers

    Although we work to provide a user-friendly space for secure transactions, it is possible that disputes may arise between buyers, sellers and/or Hivoox. In order to prevent and resolve possible problems, we offer in our general conditions of sale, a conflict resolution policy, which applies to all users...

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  14. How to sell your products or services on Hivoox?

    How to sell your products and services on our site quickly? If you offer services or products for businesses, you have come to the right place.

    Selling on Hivoox can be a great way to make money, and it's not as difficult as you might think. Our site allows you to create a page for the sale of...

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