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VoIP adapters: in this category you will find several articles on the operation of VoIP adapters, but also answers to questions already asked by our users about the use of VoIP adapters and answered by our specialists. If you are looking for an answer about the functioning of VoIP Adapters, their resources, configuration guides, a tutorial or other additional information about VoIP Adapters, you have come to the right place. Do not hesitate to leave us your question and we will be happy to answer it quickly.

  1. Grandstream phone or adapter that rings repeatedly at any time of the night or day, showing a strange number

    Your question:

    I bought a Grandstream phone on your website, I received it and configured it, and everything works fine. However, the phone rings repeatedly at any time of night or day, showing a strange number and every time I answer there is no one.
    It is very stressful that the phone rings repeatedly without stopping.
    Can you help me solve this problem?

    Our answer:

    We understand that having the phone ringing repeatedly at any time of day or night can be very stressful. This is a recurring problem in some Grandstream models, but it can be easily solved.

    SIP phones and adapters can be easily attacked by hackers or scammers who try to use your SIP line fraudulently.

    As a result of several complaints from users, Grandstream

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  2. Which voip adapter to choose?

    The choice of a sip adapter depends mainly on your needs. If you are looking for an adapter to make and receive calls from your home, office or for use with Hivoox Telecom's VoIP services, we recommend the Cisco SPA 112, Cisco SPA 122 and Grandstream HT Series adapters. If you want to convert your landline into voip line, you can use the Grandstream HT 503. For more complicated needs, write us an email describing your needs and we will help you in your choice.

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  3. Tutorial to configure Grandstream HT Adapters

    Use this tutorial to configure the Grandstream brand adapters (HT series), to make and receive calls with the voivo services of Hivoox.

    Follow the following steps for configuration:

    Connect your adapter to electricity and to the router.
    Connect your analog telephone to the adapter (you will find instructions in the adapter manual).

    From the telephone connected to the adapter, dial 3 times asterisk ***.
    You will hear a message,

    Then dial 02 and listen to the IP address of the adapter.
    Enter the IP address in the browser as if it were a web page, but without the www.

    The configuration page will open and ask you to enter the username and password.
    Enter Username: admin Password: admin

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  4. Busy tone with my ATA. Can you help me?

    Follow these steps to try to solve the problem:

    1- Turn off your router or modem.
    2- Turn off the SIP adapter.
    3- There is an Ethernet cable connected between the router and the SIP adapter. Change the port where you are connected to the router or modem.

    4- Turn on your router or modem and make sure it works and that you have internet on your computer.

    5- Verify that the Ethernet cable is correctly connected between the router and the adapter.
    6- Turn on your sip adapter.
    7- Wait a few minutes and try calling *98.

    If you listen to the voicemail, it means that the line is registered correctly and should work without problems.

    Otherwise, open a support ticket and we will help you.

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  5. Tutorial Linksys PAP2T adapter

    To configure your Hivoox line with the adapter, we recommend the following.

    1 - Connect the Ethernet network cable to the Ethernet port of the Linksys PAP2T and connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port of the router or internet modem.

    2 - Connect your phone to the PHONE 1 port of the Linksys Adapter.
    3 - If you have 2 Hivoox accounts or a fax, connect the second telephone or fax to the PHONE 2 port of the Telephone Adapter.

    The configuration

    First, you must know the IP address of the adapter. To know this IP address, use your telephone connected to the adapter to dial **** 110, and listen to the IP address that will be communicated in English. Be careful to write down this address.

    Then enter this address in the web

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  6. Audio problem with sip adapter

    SIP adapters work very well with our voip services. If you experience audio problems when using our phone service, we recommend that you check your Internet connection and audio codecs. With our services, you can use the G711u, G711a, PCMU, PCMA, ULAW, ALAW and G729 codecs.

    With other voip provider, you must use only the audio codecs authorized by your operator. Keep in mind that only authorized codecs should be active if you want to have good audio quality. Disable any other codec available in the codec list. If your device does not allow you to disable the audio codec, first place the authorized codecs.

    Some tips to help you:

    Dial *98 to check if you hear the mailbox correctly.
    Check the volume of the phone connected to the adapter.

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  7. Sip adapter for IP telephony for companies

    Our VoiP service works with a wide variety of analog ip adapters available on the market. We have tested many of them and can attest to the compatibility with our services of many voip adapters. With these ip adapters, there is no need to reorganize the entire phone system to use ip telephony. We can therefore continue to use the usual analog telephones and benefit from reliable and high-quality voip technology.

    Advantage of SIP Adapters

    Switch to IP telephony without having to replace the existing analog telephone system. All calls made with analog telephones connected to sip adapters are converted into digital transmissions and routed to an ip line, traditional line or mobile phone of the recipient. Support for professional and quality phone system features

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