When you sell your products or services on Hivoox, you need to withdraw the income related to your sales. Whether you are a business or an individual, you can withdraw the income from your sales without any complications. To do this, you simply need to enter your seller account, provide your bank details and withdraw the money which will be automatically transferred to your account.



Note that when you sell services or products, you can withdraw your income only after you have provided the service or product requested by the buyer and the latter has confirmed receipt.


Hivoox allows the withdrawal of amounts related to your sales by PayPal and Bank Transfer.

1 - PayPal

After creating your Seller account on Hivoox, you must add the email address of your account in order to withdraw your income.
Follow the steps below to add your PayPal account.

- Log in to your Seller account.
In the left menu, click « Configuration » then on « Withdrawal Accounts ».

- In PayPal, add your email address PayPal.

2- Bank transfer

- Log in to your Seller account.
In the left menu, click« Configuration » then on « Withdrawal Accounts »,

And add your banking information :

Bank Name : name of your bank.
SWIFT Code : Swift code of your account.
Account Holder : Name of the account holder.
Account number: IBAN or account number.


To see your transactions in detail, you must log in to your Seller account, and in the menus on the left, click on « Sales » then on « Crédit Transactions ».
You will then see the detailed list of your transactions.

When can I withdraw the money from my sales?

Every time you have an order, the money will be available in your Hivoox account, and you can see it in your account. You can withdraw your payment as soon as the order is delivered, and the buyer confirms receipt of the product or service.

To avoid delays, we advise you to indicate in the page of the service or product that you sell, the conditions of deliveries, cancellations, refunds, if they are necessary for your product or service.

In any case, you can see all pending payments on your account.


Once the delivery has been confirmed, you can withdraw your payment on Hivoox without further delay. To do this, follow the steps below :

1 - Log in to your seller account.
2 - In the icons at the top right of the page, you have the amount available in your account. Click on the small arrow, then on « Withdraw »

3 - Then choose the amount you want to withdraw and the payment method.
4 - The money is transferred to your account.

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