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About Hivoox Telecom LLC

Founded by professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the computer and telecommunications sector, Hivoox Telecom is a multinational company under American law, created in 2013, present in more than 21 countries. Hivoox, which is an international ip telephony operator, offers various voip solutions for businesses, professionals, and individuals around the world.

Our services and products

We offer companies, professionals and individuals around the world, voip landline, virtual numbers, mobile, fax numbers, special numbers, telephone packages and various other solutions for companies and call centers, but also complementary telecommunication services, in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Having noticed that the customer who is looking for a telephone line from a country where he does not reside, often needs services such as the business address, call answering service, the telesecretary in the language of the country... we decided to convert our website into a Marketplace, where the providers of these services, may offer these services to our customers and visitors.

With this Marketplace, entrepreneurs, companies, professionals, and individuals from all over the world can find on our website all the solutions necessary for the operation of their businesses in any city or country without being there physically and without making large investments.

This marketplace has allowed us to offer thousands of options from around the world, to meet the frequent needs of a business owner, company or professional.


Our Marketplace

On our marketplace, we offer more than 300 categories, related to telecommunications services, marketing, business life documents, services and solutions related to technology, task outsourcing, telecommunications and IT equipment, telemarketing, and various other categories meeting the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses.

The services and materials sold on the Marketplace, are provided by companies, but also individuals who provide excellent service to thousands of visitors to our website every day. Thanks to our buyer protection policy and vendor verification, our Marketplace is clearly a success and a real tool to help businesses.

  • Easy marketplace

    A Marketplace where users from all over the world can sell or buy products and services with complete transparency and without restrictions.

  • For all profiles

    Our platform has been designed for sellers of all kinds, whether they are professionals or individuals, resident or not in the United States of America.

  • Protected purchase

    A marketplace with adequate commissions for any profile, excellent buyer protection and seller verification system.

In the following link you will find our general conditions of sale and use, which govern the relationship between Hivoox Telecom and customers, but also between sellers and buyers.

Our infrastructure

Hivoox has set up a multi-site infrastructure, located in Angola, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ivory Coast, United States, Spain, France, Ireland, Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Singapore, based on open technologies in order to always provide solutions adaptable to each country. It is what enables us to provide a reliable telecommunications service and an excellent marketplace experience to our customers around the world.


Our ambition

Hivoox's objective is to be the first Marketplace allowing companies to access the services necessary for their operation, cost reduction, productivity gain, promotion, and growth. Whether it's an entrepreneur, a company, a professional or an individual wishing to set up a company, they can find all the solutions they need, regardless of their physical location.

Our team is always looking for new service provider to offer profitable and innovative services. We also work with the site's customers and buyers to better understand their needs and offer quality services and solutions.

We strongly believe that by listening to our customers and evolving our services and solutions with their input, we will become the leading service marketplace in the market.



Our support team


We care about our customers, as well as the merchants and buyers in our marketplace, and we have a team of experts in various business sectors who can converse in multiple languages and are available 24/24 hours to offer the help needed.

We assure our customers that our merchant offers and services, sold on the site, are unambiguous, transparent, and profitable.

True to our vision, we are absolutely dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers.


    Your trust

    Although we know that nothing is perfect, we count on our professionalism, our skills, our ambition and the loyalty of many companies.


    We appreciate

    We constantly strive to improve the quality of the products in our Marketplace and we thank everyone who trusts us.


    Will do better

    We are very happy with the path taken together during all these years and we will continue working to always offer you the best service.

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