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  1. VoIP Quality and Availability Issues: Causes and Solutions

    VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers a modern alternative to traditional telephony but is not without its challenges. To understand the quality and availability issues of VoIP, as well as their likely causes, let's delve into the details...
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  2. Grandstream IP Phone Configuration: Step-by-step Guide

    Grandstream IP phones are popular for their efficiency and user-friendliness in the VoIP world. If you've recently purchased a model from this brand, here's a tutorial to assist you in setting it up.

    Step 1: Connect your phone:


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  3. Guide to Setting Up Remote Companies Without Physical Presence

    Find out how to set up a business in another country without being physically present there. Our guide explains the steps, advantages, disadvantages, tax implications and countries that allow this practice...

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  4. Guide to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign: Steps and Practical Tips

    Discover how to execute a successful email marketing campaign with our comprehensive guide. Learn the best practices, key tips, and steps to achieve your goals with your email campaigns. Boost your online marketing efforts now...

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  5. Trunk SIP: Reduce Costs, Enhance Call Management, and Boost International Presence

    Discover how Trunk SIP can help you reduce telecommunications costs, improve call management, and strengthen your international presence. Let Hivoox, a leading telecommunications provider offering Trunk SIP services in over 226 countries, guide you through this practical and effective solution...

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  6. Virtual Numbers: The Key to Expanding Your International Presence with Hivoox

    Discover how Hivoox's virtual numbers can help you expand your business internationally. This comprehensive tutorial will guide you in choosing and using virtual numbers, providing you with tips to boost your international presence. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your business globally...

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  7. Which Solution to Choose for Your Call Center: A Practical Guide

    Discover how to choose the best solution for your call center. Our practical guide will help you assess your needs, your budget, and the indispensable features for your business...

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  8. How to choose the Right Headset for Working as a Home-Based Call Center Agent?

    Discover how to choose the right headset for working as a home-based call center agent. Our guide will help you find the best equipment for your needs and your budget...

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  9. How to Optimize Your Blog's SEO and Attract More Visitors?

    Discover how to optimize your blog's SEO to attract more visitors and readers, even without knowledge in computing or marketing...

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  10. Addressing SIP 503 Error in IP Phones, Softphones, and Mobile VoIP Apps

    The SIP 503 error is a common issue in IP telephony, softphones, and mobile VoIP apps. This article explains the possible causes of this error and how to fix it...

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  11. Tutorial to create an account on the Hivoox marketplace

    Whether you are a business or an individual, you can sell your products and services on our website quickly. We accept any type of products or services dedicated to companies. We have a large network of corporate customers around the world who are looking for a solution that you may be able to provide...

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  12. Correctly configure your seller account on Hivoox

    After creating your Hivoox seller account, you must make the basic configurations necessary for the proper functioning of your account. You must add the information to optimize and reference your page on search engines, but also a description of your profile, your schedules, telephone number, financial...

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  13. Tutorial to create products or services on Hivoox.

    You can easily publish your products or services on Hivoox in a few minutes in order to offer them for sale to Hivoox users.



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  14. Reset Grandstream HandyTone, BudgeTone, GXP2000 and GXV3000

    There may be times when you need to reset your Gradnstream phone or Gateway. In this article, we will try to tell you how to do it. The first thing to do is to disconnect the Ethernet cable (cable that connects the device to the router) and leave only the power cable connected to your Grandstream device...

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  15. What is the Outsourcing service offered by Hivoox and how does it work?

    At Hivoox, Outsourcing is a category that includes services dedicated to companies that wish to outsource certain work and avoid hiring staff for tasks that can be performed remotely by external agents without contracts.                                                                                 ...

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