After configuring your IP phone, SIP adapter, softphone or other SIP terminal, if the calls are not made, make the following checks before contacting us.

When your SIP account is properly configured, and calls do not come out, this may be due to the incorrect configuration of your dialing rule or your account has no balance to make the desired call.

Verifications to perform:

Dial *98 to listen to the voicemail.

If you do not hear the voicemail, you may have made an error by entering the sip username, password or sip server address.
Check this information and try again. Keep in mind that, when entering the username and password, you should not leave any blank space before or after the characters or numbers.

It is also possible that your account is not registered because your router, modem or Internet provider blocks access to port 5060.
In this case, you only need to open port 5060 of your router.

If you hear the voicemail dialing *98, make sure you have enough balance to make the desired call and dial the number correctly.
Try dialing the number directly or dialing 00 + country code + desired number.

If, despite all these checks, you can not make calls, open a support ticket and we will help you.