After creating your Hivoox seller account, you must make the basic configurations necessary for the proper functioning of your account. You must add the information to optimize and reference your page on search engines, but also a description of your profile, your schedules, telephone number, financial information necessary for the withdrawal of your income, the addition of your logo, photo or image.

This information is mandatory, because without it, your products or services will not be published on our site and cannot be purchased by our users.



Please follow the steps in this guide to set up your account.


Log in to your Seller account

In the menus on the left, click « Configuration » then on « General ».


Store Name: You must enter a business name that customers will see. You can see some examples in the seller listing page.

Short Description: You must add a bio for your profile (less than 165 characters).

Shop Phone Number: Your contact phone number.

Shop Hours: Indicate your hours of operation.


In Seller's Page, you need to add information for your page.

For this you must : 

You log in to your Seller account.
In the menus on the left, click « Configuration » then on « Seller's Page».

The « Banners », are not allowed at this time.

In « About Store » you must describe your business or skills. Be specific and make buyers want to choose you.

In « Refund Policy » you must describe your conditions for refund, modification, cancellation, etc. Be clear, so the customer understands everything involved in purchasing your service and avoid post-sale disputes.

In « Terms of delivery » you must indicate your terms and delivery times to customers. Whatever you sell, you're going to have to deliver it to customers. Here you have the possibility to leave things clear for your future buyers.


In Social Accounts, you can publish your profiles to social networks. This feature is enabled for certain account types only. Contact our team if you absolutely need this feature.


In « Homepage Meta Information » you must indicate the title, description and keywords for search engines.

« Title », it's your page and catalog title on search engines like Google. On Google, it is the text that appears in blue.

« Description », it is the description of your page and catalog on search engines like Google. On Google, it is the text that appears in black.

« Keywords», you can indicate the keywords that will allow visitors to find your page and catalog of products or services. You can put 4 or 5.

Click HERE to open your Seller account