Receiving calls with a DID number from Portugal while you are physically in United States is possible with our services.

It is true that to buy this service you must provide an address in Portugal. If you opt for the DID number of a Portuguese city (example: Lisbon +351 21, Porto +351 22), you must provide us with a proof of address, and this must be from the same city as the number.

However, if you choose the national number of Portugal +35130 (a fixed number that does not depend on a city) you should simply provide us with an address in Portugal (street, number, zip code).

If you do not have this address, you can buy our business address service on our site (category: companies).

You can also use the documents of a friend, partner or family, if they accept that the account is created in Hivoox and the DID number of Portugal is registered with their name.