With this tutorial, you can configure the call filter you receive, depending on the schedules, numbers, etc. You can choose to receive certain calls, send others to the mailbox or simply reject calls from certain numbers.

Caution: This option is not enabled by default. You must send us a request by email, activation of this function is free.

Enter the interface of your telephone line: https://pbs.hivoox.com:8444/

1- Press IP CENTREX.
2- Then on the telephone lines.
3- Select the desired SIP account (8xxxxxxxxxxx) and click on the CONFIGURE button.

A new window opens.

1- Press IP CENTREX again
2- On the left, click on CALL FILTER
3- In the lower left, click ADD NEW RULE

Action and time filtering.

Activate Rule: check the box
Action: Choose the type of action you want for the numbers in this rule. Here you determine if the call is rejected, forwarded to a voicemail, forwarded to another phone number, etc.
Time filter: you can set the operating hours of this rule or choose at any time so that the rule is active 24/24 hours.
Name Filter time: assign a name to your filter.

To set schedules, click on the clock to the right of the filter name.

Filter caller numbers

Group to filter caller numbers: You can create a new group of filtered numbers.
Filter group name: assign a name to your filter.
Number: Add the numbers to filter. First enter the number and then press the + button.

Please enter the numbers in international format here:

Country code + number (Spanish mobile example 346xxxxxxxx).
List of numbers: the numbers added will be shown in this space.

Click SAVE.