Although we work to provide a user-friendly space for secure transactions, it is possible that disputes may arise between buyers, sellers and/or Hivoox. In order to prevent and resolve possible problems, we offer in our general conditions of sale, a conflict resolution policy, which applies to all users of our platform, whether sellers or buyers.

In the event of a dispute between sellers or buyers, Hivoox may use these dispute resolution policies to help the parties resolve the problem. However, it should be stated that the terms of use, refund and delivery policies indicated on the seller's Hivoox page or on the product or service page on Hivoox, will take precedence over the general conditions of Hivoox.

Buyers and sellers can bring any problem to Hivoox's attention via the support ticket available on the website.

Some tips for sellers to avoid disputes:

Correctly describe the service or product.
Indicate all the features of the product or service.
Add special conditions if any.
Add refund policies to their profile.
Add delivery times and conditions.
Respect the delivery time.
Provide a quality service or product...

The dispute can arise if a customer considers that you have provided a service different from that for which he paid, or that you have delivered a defective product, not corresponding to the product described or that you have not delivered. In this case, Hivoox advises the seller to always prioritize customer satisfaction in order to continue selling on the site.

The service you provide and the products you deliver should always be of the highest possible quality.


Hivoox will always prioritize customer satisfaction.
That the unsatisfied customer can request the cancellation of the order and be reimbursed.
That the seller can cancel the order and refund the customer.

The customer has the right to request an update on the progress of the order.
If the seller does not communicate the status of the order to the customer, he may cancel his order.
We recommend that our sellers always put customer satisfaction first.


He can request the cancellation of the order and explain why he wishes to cancel the order. The seller will be free to accept or refuse, depending on the refund conditions indicated in the seller's Hivoox profile page, within 48 hours. After this 48-hour period, the order will be automatically canceled and the amount refunded.
The seller may ask you for an additional delivery time, not exceeding 72 hours. If you do not agree, you can cancel your order and be refunded the amount paid.

The customer should attempt to resolve the issue by contacting the seller directly from their Hivoox profile page. If he chooses to make a complaint via Hivoox, the seller will automatically be added to the conversation.
Disputes submitted via the seller's page are sent to the seller, and Hivoox is not notified of this dispute.


When there is a dispute, the seller or the customer should try to find a solution to solve the problem. However, if they fail to find a solution, they can contact Hivoox via the support ticket to let us know their dissatisfaction. Upon receipt of the complaint, the dispute resolution team will check the customer's order and its status, in order to fully understand the source of the dispute.

The Dispute Resolution Team may ask the Complainant for additional information and will investigate the matter, taking into account all relevant circumstances and available information.

Once all the information has been obtained by Hivoox, the resolution team will contact the seller to find a solution to the problem. In the event that a seller at fault refuses to resolve the problem, he may be excluded from the platform and the balance of his account may be blocked, so that the customer may be reimbursed.

At each stage of the resolution, the buyer will be informed by email.

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