When you sell services or products on Hivoox, paying commissions is mandatory for each order you receive. However, these commissions are valid only when you deliver the order and the customer confirms receipt.

Each time you receive an order and deliver it, the commission is deducted from your order amount. The amount withdrawn will be reflected in your account immediately after the transaction. In addition, you always receive an alert, when your balance changes.

Whether you are a very large seller with hundreds of sales per month or a small seller, commissions will apply equally without any discrimination.

Hivoox will charge commissions based on the selling price displayed by the seller on the Hivoox marketplace.


Telephone Numbers: 15%
SMS number: 15%
Other Telephone Services: 10%

All Materials And Accessories: 5%
Used Equipment: 5%
Registered address and virtual office: 10%

Local contact: 10%
Other Business Universe Services: 10%

All Outsourcing Services And More: 15%
All Marketing And Web services: 10%

Website creation: 10%
Modules for CMS: 10%
Server rental, hosting and domain names: 10%

Software: 10%
Documents And Others: 10%
IT Support & Security: 10%
Business And Services: 10%
Other products or services: 10%

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