In our marketplace, we accept all products and services that are useful or necessary for businesses, if they comply with the law, do not violate the rights of others, are not illegal and do not cause harm in any way to third parties or at Hivoox.

Whether you are a vendor of hardware, software or services; whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, company or professional, you can sell on our site without any restrictions.

1. Accepted categories

The products or services that you offer on our site must correspond to one of the categories published on the site. If the category you are looking for is not on the site, you can suggest it to us via the support ticket and we will be happy to add it.

2. Offer the right product or service

Our site mainly provides products and services for professional use. To sell on our site, you must offer products and services that meet the needs of businesses and professionals.

3. The physical products

You can sell telecommunications equipment such as IP phones, voip gateways, computers, telephone and audio headsets, routers and more, whether new, recycled or used.

Remember to offer above all equipment that you can deliver quickly from your country of residence.

Remember to add a good description with the key feature, so that the customer can fully understand your offer.

4. The digital products

On Hivoox, you can sell digital products for download or otherwise. Here you can offer software, modules for websites, activation keys, documents and many other products.

Think about essentially offering a digital product that you can deliver quickly and provide support to the customer if he needs it.

5. The services

Whether you are a business or an individual, you can offer any type of business service on our site.

You can offer services in technology, administration, digital marketing, telemarketing, human resources, technical support, system installation, system configuration, integration, system creation and various others services.

As long as your service can be useful to companies, it is welcome on our platform. We advise you to offer services that you can provide quickly and with excellent quality.

6. The freelances

If you have skills that businesses may need, you can create an account on our site and sell your business services. Whether your offer is one-time or recurring, you can sell on our website.

Write a good description of the service you want to offer, its conditions, prices, and do your best to provide quality service so that buyers can trust you.

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