You can easily publish your products or services on Hivoox in a few minutes in order to offer them for sale to Hivoox users.



To create your product or service, you need to follow the steps below:

1 - Log in to your account by clicking on « My account » then« Seller Account »
And once you get to the dashboard, click on « Catalog /Manage Products » on the left of the page.
Then, on the right at the top, click on the small arrow in « Add Product ».

If you want to create a service record, click on « Virtual Product », for a downloadable product, click « Downloadable product » and for a physical product, click « Simple Product ».
A file will then open, and you must fill in the information for your service or product, following this guide. Note that fields not indicated in this guide are not essential.


Product Name : You must indicate the name of the product or service.

SKU : You must add a unique code in this field. For example, to sell my call answering service, I can put CAS-001 or CALL-R-001.

Price : You must indicate the selling price of your product or service.

Quantity : If you have stock for this product, you must add your stock here. If it is a digital product or Service, you can add a large quantity. For example for a service, I will add 900000 in stock.

Categories : here you will see all the categories available on all our sites. They are separated by Languages « Category UK » « Category PT » « Category FR » « Category ES »

Category UK : Includes all categories in English.

Category PT : Includes all categories in Portuguese
Category FR : Includes all categories in French.
Category ES : Includes all categories in Spanish.

You must add your product in the category corresponding to the language of your account. If you wish to have products in another language, you must open an account in the corresponding site. If you can't find the category, or don't know how to choose, leave it blank, and we'll take care of it.


You need to click « content » to add the description of your service or product.

In « Description » you must describe your product or service, with its strengths, features and conditions of use if necessary.

In « Short Description » you must indicate the summary of the description of your product or service. When a customer visits our site, they will first see this short description.

Image and video : There is no need to add images or videos to your product or service. For the sake of consistency and quality of our site, we will take care of adding the appropriate images to each product or service. If you offer a product that is not yet on the site, you can send us the image or upload it by following the following size instructions: 405 X 458 px. Be sure to reduce the weight of your image beforehand.


In this section, you must indicate the title, description and keywords for search engines.

URL Key : allows you to specify the URL of the product or service. If you leave this field blank, the URL will be assigned automatically.

Meta Title : this is the title of your product or service page on search engines like Google. On Google, it is the text that appears in blue.

Meta Keywords : you can indicate the keywords that will allow visitors to find your product or service. You can put 4 or 5.

Meta Description :  it is the description of your product or service page on search engines like Google. On Google, it is the text that appears in black.


Custom options allow customers to choose the variations of the product they want. You can add options to your services and products, so customers can choose them during purchase.


If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments to this article, and we'll get back to you promptly.

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