Nowadays email advertising has become essential in the communication of businesses of all sizes. Small, medium and large businesses interact with their customers and prospects through email campaigns. Email marketing is a term used to describe sending emails to a group of people, to promote a product, service or simply to get a message across. Each target user of an email campaign will receive the information directly in their inbox.

To set up an emailing campaign, you must:

Have the smtp Server which allows you to send a large number of emails to a group of recipients.
Choose the emailing software that allows you to create your email and track the campaign.
Have a list of email addresses and define the recipients to whom you want to send the message.
Clearly define the objective of the campaign and design the message.

NB: If you have met the conditions indicated above, then we will see in detail how to proceed.
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The smtp Server to send emails in large quantities.

A Simple Email Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server is the remote computer that takes care of transmitting your messages to other computers around the world. When you use your yahoo, gmail, outlook ... email box, you always use a smtp server each time you send emails to your correspondents.

In the case of an emailing campaign affecting a very large number of targets, the best option is to use a dedicated smtp server (exclusive smtp server for you) because it allows you to deliver emails without interruption, since the server is usually placed in a data center and monitored by a technical team. The dedicated smtp server has an exclusive ip address and allows you to manage your reputation when sending emails, reducing the risk of being blacklisted through the fault of another client using the same ip address.

The emailing software to prepare, send and monitor the campaign.

When deciding to run email campaigns, choosing the right software to design, send and track your campaigns is crucial. Always choose the software that allows you to manage the entire process, from building the address file from forms inserted into your website, designing the message to be sent, to reporting and monitoring performance.

Reliable address file.

In an emailing campaign, it is very important to have a quality address file. You can have a great smtp server and great software, but if your address file is poor quality you will end up with a reputation as a spammer and your emails will all end up in your recipients' spam folder.

We strongly advise against using the email files that you will find for sale on the internet. 100% prefer building your own list by having your customers' permission to send them messages. So you will have an Opt in email file, meaning that your customers agree to receive your emails within a specific framework.

You can create this file through forms that you publish on your website or in other platforms that allow you to do so. In order for Internet users to subscribe to your file, you must share your news, offer promotional offers, give advice in your field of activity, etc. You will thus succeed in interesting your customers and prospects who will eventually authorize you to send them messages.

Remember to offer an unsubscribe link each time you send an email, so the recipient can opt out of the list if they no longer wish to receive your emails.

Clearly define the objective of the campaign and design the message.

The design of an email campaign is very important to get good results. Opt for a sober and efficient layout, avoid the use of too heavy images and prefer a simple, clear, precise and direct message. Your recipients are not particularly interested in the decoration of your email, but rather in its content.

Highlight important information in your email, so the recipient can find it immediately.

To consider.

The list of qualified contacts is a major marketing asset for your business. During emailing campaigns, everything must be considered and respected according to your target audience and the message conveyed.
Put yourself in the shoes of your recipients to choose the time when you think they have the best chance of reading your message. Include hyperlinks in your posts to increase traffic to your website.
Sending too many emails will tire your recipients, and they will eventually unsubscribe from your list. I advise you to space your emailing campaigns.

Avoid sending inappropriate content to your recipients, as this will cause them to throw your emails in the trash and classify you as a spammer (someone who sends emails without the recipient's permission).
Avoid content with images because several mailboxes do not read them alone and consider them as junk mail. Always design your emails in text or html format.

Remember that the success of emailing campaigns depends on your ability to use the right tools, have a reliable email file and to optimize your messages so that they correspond perfectly to your recipients. Choose an emailing software allowing you to see the open rate, click rate, number of visits, because this information will allow you to analyze the returns of your emailing campaign, in order to improve the next ones or to congratulate yourself success.

I hope that with these tips, you will be able to better prepare and conduct your future emailing campaigns.