Your questions:

I am now living in Brazil I have several questions about the use of the virtual number of Portugal for a person or company residing in Brazil or Angola.

If I understood correctly, the telephone line corresponds to the fixed number of cities in Portugal or a national number.

1) Can I receive calls on this number on my Brazilian or Angolan mobile phone?
2) Can I make calls to Portugal using this number?
3) Is there an option to choose the number or is it automatic?
5) How are incoming and outgoing calls billed?

Our answer:

The Portugal virtual number service available in Hivoox allows you to buy a landline number from any city in Portugal or a national landline number to receive calls as if you were in Portugal. People who call this number cannot know that these calls are responding in Brazil or Angola.

To buy the Portugal virtual number service with the code area +351 21, +351 22 .... You must have a proof of the address in the city where you want to have the number.

If this is not the case, we recommend the number with code area +35130, which is also a landline number from Portugal, but does not belong to any city. By using the +35130, you can say that you live in any city in Portugal. In addition, the cost of calls to this number for a person residing in Portugal is the same as calling the number +35121.

You can receive calls on your Brazilian or Angolan mobile phone without any problem. You can install and configure an application to receive these calls, but your mobile must always be connected to 3G, 4G, WIFI or other. In this case the received calls are free.

You can also make a call forwarding to your Brazilian or Angolan mobile phone number. In this case, we will charge the calls made from our system to your mobile phone number. You will find the call rates at the bottom of our website, in the "COMPANY" column.

Unfortunately, the option to choose the number is not available on the website. But you can consult us by email, and we will make a free proposal.

I hope I have answered your questions. Do not hesitate to rate and comment on this response.