Our virtual telephone switchboard is similar to the physical switchboard, but with the difference that it is hosted on the web, so it is not necessary to buy, install or maintain any physical switchboard. This switchboard allows you to manage telephone calls from any type of company. It is ideal for centralizing the telephone system without any geographical restriction.

If you own a small business or work from home, a virtual telephone switchboard contains the comfort and efficiency necessary to optimize your work. Among many other benefits, virtual exchanges reduce the costs of voice calls, making the purchase and installation of a physical switchboard unnecessary.

The virtual switchboard is currently positioned as a tool that allows you to improve your daily work, especially in the field of self-employment and telework or remote work. Thanks to a virtual switchboard you will be able to work without limit of lines and will have free calls between your delegations, facilitating greater communication dynamics. Likewise, you will have the possibility to carry your own virtual number.

In addition to the many advantages of the virtual switchboard, the ease of installation is added. It will be enough to have a computer connected to the Internet with the adequate bandwidth to start enjoying this mechanism. Virtual switchboards work in the same way as physical switchboards, with the benefit of not having to invest time and space in their installation.

In addition, the costs of calls are considerably reduced, whether in local calls, international calls or in communications with mobile phones. The virtual switchboard offers multiple entry lines and has welcome messages and music on hold to entertain the reception of calls, as well as a personalized voicemail and virtual conference rooms. At the same time, it allows the transfer of calls and has no limit of lines or extensions. This switchboard is configured from your Hivoox user portal and in a few minutes you will be able to integrate all your branches in a single switchboard, being able to share the same telephone number, the same call rate, among such branches without location restrictions.

Up to 100 telephone numbers from different countries can be integrated into it, receiving calls in different countries or in a single office. The extensions of the switchboard can be configured on IP phones, conventional phones connected to IP adapters, computers connected to the Internet, mobile phones or tablets via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

Your employees will be connected to each other, accessing all the features of the telephone switchboard as if they were connected to a physical switchboard.

Key functionalities:

Personalized welcome speech (Self-attention.)
Menus to guide the corresponding ones.
Call queue with music on hold.
Jump groups.
Direct dialing to extension.
Configuration of customer service hours.
Diversions to landlines or mobile phones.
Record of calls issued and received.

Music for calls on hold.
Call transfers.
Personalized voicemail.
Incoming call identification.
Receipt of fax by email.
Possibility of uploading messages from the computer, etc.
Recording phone calls.
Portal to manage your virtual switchboard.