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Phone prospection Denmark is a service that includes a teleoperator (telesales agent) resident in Denmark, with skills for your telemarketing campaigns from Denmark.


Denmark Telephone prospection is a service that includes a teleoperator (telesales agent) resident in Denmark, with skills to do your telemarketing campaign from Denmark, without commitment or contract between you and the teleoperator in Denmark.

Benefit from the services of a teleoperator from Denmark, to capture new customers, retain existing customers or promote your business and services through telesales via a teleoperator in Denmark. Our teleoperators, are agents having studied in Denmark or abroad, residents in Denmark, with experiences ranging from 1 to 10 years in various call center services in Denmark.

If you are looking for a teleoperator capable of sales, organize for you quality business meetings, do not hesitate to buy this service (Denmark Telephone prospection). With this Denmark Telephone prospection, you give your instructions and the agent will work from one of our secure centers in Denmark, from his home or private office in Denmark.

Present on the telecommuting market in Denmark for several years, we know how to select the best profiles to support you in the growth of your company.

Features of Denmark telephone prospection

Denmark phone prospection.
Teleoperator (telesales agent) in Denmark.
Telemarketing campaign from Denmark.
Country of residence: Denmark.
Languages spoken : Danish, English.
Nationality: Denmark and foreign residents in Denmark.

Experienced teleoperators available for:

Sale by telephone of services or products.
Make appointments for your sales representatives.
Confirmation of appointment.
Debt recovery.
Phonebook update.
Various inquiries by phone ...

If your need is not indicated in the list, please contact us before subscribing to this Denmark telephone prospection service.

Activation and cancellation of Denmark telephone prospection service

The activation of the Denmark telephone prospection service is done within 72 hours after the payment. The service lasts 30 days and is automatically renewed each month.

To cancel the Denmark telephone prospection, simply send us an email via the contact form available on the website and request the cancellation of the service. Note that the cancellation request must be made before the billing date and you must not have any unpaid invoices.


The customer can cancel his order, if the service is not activated within 72 hours after the payment. In this case, the amount paid will be fully refunded upon cancellation of the order.

If the teleoperator of Denmark does not correctly provide the services desired by the customer, the customer may request the cessation of services. In this case, only the part of the payment corresponding to the work performed will be retained by Hivoox. The remaining amount will be refunded to the Customer.

Refunds are accepted exclusively in the cases indicated above.

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