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Venezuela virtual number to receive calls Israel mobile number to make, receive calls and SMS Bria iPhone Edition is among the best apps to make VoIP calls with the smartphone New voip numbers from Angola available in reduced quantity New African countries in our coverage of VoIP numbers for companies and individuals Make money with the internet, phone and computer that you have at home Virtual Numbers from Kazakhstan available in Hivoox Pay with credit card by Paypal without having Paypal account New tutorial to configure Gigaset A510 IP, C530 IP phones Call plan to call landlines and mobiles from Brazil Panasonic KX-HDV130 IP phone tested by our voip experts Use my telephone line from abroad without paying roaming charges We have new pages on social networks in your preferred language The creation of a site for Dropshipping by Manuel Martins The potential of VoIP telephony for the international development of Angolan companies On the Internet, affiliate programs and African youth What does the 'SIP endpoint' mean in the description of products? What is the best internet connection to use voip? What audio codecs are supported by Hivoox voip services? After subscribing to your services, how will I use the services? Will I receive something by email? When I make a phone call with my Hivoox line, which phone number will appear to my correspondents? I am trying to access my account on your website, but I cannot Get more information about the T.38 Protocol and the Hivoox e-mail fax service Can you tell me about VOIP service and how does it work? Discover several definitions in the world of VoIP technology Find here some common errors that may appear on your phone voip, softphone, ipbx, mobile voip, etc. In your web page you speak about a sip trunk and I would like to have more information about its operation Is it possible to have an exclusive virtual assistant for my business? I would like my assistant to also receive phone calls, in addition to other tasks, possible? We would like to have an assistant speaking several languages, is this possible? I am looking for a Virtual Assistant, who can also process correspondence for my business in his country, possible? If I subscribe to the virtual assistant service, my agent will also be able to answer my customers' emails and process orders? How to receive a fax? Is it possible to have a Swiss phone number to make and receive calls from USA as if I were in Switzerland? I want to receive calls with a French virtual number, forwarded to 5 mobiles here in Japan Can we transfer calls from Hivoox virtual number to another number ? I would like to forward my calls to a landline or mobile number, is it possible? We would like to subscribe to the virtual number service for France, but we do not have an address in France, Can you help us? I would like to know the conditions to obtain a landline did number from Canada How can I reactivate my virtual phone number? I represent the UK company that wants to launch its activity (e-commerce) in the French, Portuguese, English and Brazilian markets. Is it possible to have a Swiss number forwarded to a Spanish mobile number? How can I subscribe to have a number from the Netherlands? VoIP numbers forwarded to the existing line Forward fax to another fax number What is the maximum number of faxes I can receive with your fax numbers? How can I receive fax by email? I want a Spanish did number to receive calls in Mexico, do you have this service? Can I customize the voicemail if i buy a did number to receive calls? Can I make calls without adding the country area code?
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