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The SMTP server in Italy is a server optimized for email campaigns to individuals or professionals in Italy.

With SMTP server in Italy, you will get an SMTP server + web-hosted software to manage bulk email campaigns, so you can start your email advertising in Italy. The software allows you to schedule the sending of campaigns automatically and view all the statistics of your campaign.

You can create several contact lists in Italy or in other countries in your SMTP system in Italy, target them and send campaigns according to your needs. Our SMTP server in Italy is designed to detect and remove duplicates when importing contacts.

For each SMTP server in Italy, we set up rotating IP addresses to reduce the risk of being blacklisted and we work tirelessly to improve the delivery of your emails. However, we strongly recommend using safe and authorized email lists in Italy to reduce the risk of blacklisting.

Our SMTP server in Italy has a system that automatically handles unsubscribes and bounces (invalid email).


Features of the SMTP Server

Access to the web software for each user.
It allows you to send a large number of emails per hour.
It allows you to send thousands of emails per month in Italy.
Unique IP addresses.
Server optimized to send emails in Italy.
Software for sending and managing campaigns via the web.
Multiple IPs per server.

It is used to target contact lists.
Automatic management of invalid emails.
Automatic cancellation management.
Duplicate detection and removal.
Automatic programming emails sending.
Anti-spam test of the campaign before sending.
Complete statistics of the campaign.
You can delete an email or a domain in 1 click.
Import or export of contacts in TXT, CSV, etc.

Special conditions of the smtp server

The customer subscribe to the smtp server service in Italy to carry out emailing campaigns in Italy. Each customer is solely responsible for the email campaigns carried out through its SMTP server in Italy and declares to send emails exclusively to recipients who have agreed to receive such emails in Italy. Every smtp server in Italy comes with a domain name chosen by the customer.

For the proper functioning of the service, it is recommended to use email lists authorized by the recipients and to avoid illegal lists collected through the web without authorization in Italy. The user is aware that email lists or unauthorized collections on the web may contain trap addresses that can quickly blacklist the IP address of the SMTP server in Italy rented here. The customer undertakes to check at the time of delivery of the SMTP server in Italy, that it is functional and not included in the blacklist.


In case of a blacklist of the SMTP server in Italy due to the use of the service by the customer, our team will do what is necessary to remove the server from the blacklist. However, this procedure can take between 24 and 96 hours and cannot be done more than once in a 2-month period. The customer is solely responsible for any problems caused by his use of the service, even in the event of a blacklist.



The smtp server service in Italy lasts for 30 days and is automatically renewed every month. If the client contracts on day 01, his next billing would be on day 01 of the following month. To unsubscribe, you simply need to send us an email and request to unsubscribe from the service. Please note that your request must be made before the invoice date, and you must not have unpaid invoices.


Order cancellation and refund.

Since we work with an SMTP server in Italy per client, since our delivery time is 24/72 hours and since we spend time and financial means to set up said server very quickly, it is possible to cancel your order up to 24 hours after payment. After this period, no refund is possible. We will make no exceptions to this rule. To avoid any incident, we recommend that you request the smallest offer to test the quality of our service, before upgrade to a larger offer.

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