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The Virtual office Malta - Santa Venera is a service that allows you to have an address to domicile your company and receive correspondence.

The Virtual office Malta - Santa Venera is a service that allows you to have a business address, to receive letters, documents and packages as if you were physically at the address. This Virtual office Malta - Santa Venera is located in a professional location, and will help you improve your brand image, since it is not an address in post offices or individuals. 

Correspondence received at your Virtual office Malta - Santa Venera will be forwarded to your address in any country, by post or other carrier, depending on your instructions. We will invoice you for forwarding costs based on the country of destination and the weight of the mail. 

We can also receive correspondence, scan it and send it to you by email. Subscribe to the Virtual office Malta - Santa Venera now and have an address quickly and collaborate with an excellent team and infrastructure.

We have been offering experience, personal, qualified, professionalism in virtual office services to thousands of companies in the world for more than 10 years, and we always do it as if they were our companies.

Address model:

Your name or company name
Name of the street
0000 City

The service includes:

Virtual office Malta - Santa Venera
Social, fiscal, legal and commercial address.
Your company address.
Reception of your correspondences.
Daily management of your mail.
Storing your correspondence.
You will be able to use this address on your business cards and documents.
Correspondence forwarding to your address in any country (additional cost).
Delivery time 24 to 48 hours.

Documents required for the Virtual office Malta - Santa Venera:

Copy of 2 proofs of identity (Passport, DNI, etc.)
Copy of the CIF in case it is a Company.

To unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe, you just have to inform us by email 5 days before the billing date, and not have unpaid bills.

If we activate the service on the 5th, your next invoice will be on the 5th of the following month. In case of closure of the account, the original documents will be destroyed. If new emails are received, they will be automatically rejected with the mention Unknown Recipient.

Special conditions

On this Virtual office Malta - Santa Venera service description page, the customer can see the services included in detail. Any type of use other than that indicated in this description will not be accepted.

The customer subscribe to the Virtual office Malta - Santa Venera service for his company or personal use. By subscribing to this service, the customer requests the Virtual Office service from HIVOOX and authorizes HIVOOX to carry out the necessary steps to implement said service.

The customer authorizes HIVOOX to transfer to the collaborating companies that intervene in the process of such service provision the personal data whose communication is essential to activate this service, without prejudice to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.

HIVOOX will notify the customer by email, whenever a correspondence is received for the customer. The customer can choose to have the correspondence scanned and sent to their email, or that the correspondence be sent to their residence or office address. In case of sending the correspondence to the address of residence or office of the customer, the customer will pay the shipping costs. The shipping cost will depend on the destination and the carrier chosen by the customer.

The following activities are not accepted: Scam, commercial or financial Fraud, Unlicensed Banks, Medicines, Drugs or any other illegal activity or prohibited by the laws of the country.

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