Mitel 6863i SIP phone to register 2 SIP accounts for calls

Mitel 6863i - SIP Phone

Product : IP phone for your voip calls
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 Mitel 6863i SIP telephone to register 2 SIP accounts, 6,75" monochrome LCD display and 6 lines, 3 programmable keys.


The Mitel 6863i SIP phone is a VoIP terminal that allows you to register 2 SIP accounts, has a 6.75" monochrome LCD screen and 6 lines, 3 programmable keys and PoE for VoIP calls.

This Mitel 6863i model represents a very good solution for companies looking for a SIP phone that would help improve employee performance. Its modern design and its various features allow the Mitel 6863 phone to offer you the best VoIP solution on the market.

This professional VoIP phone (Mitel 6863i) is equipped with high definition audio technology, high definition broadband codecs that provide uncomplicated sound quality and clear voices to its users, providing a real conversation experience, whether in the microphone or headset for users.

With Mitel Aastra 6863i you can store the phone book, call log and take advantage of its programmable buttons to set your preferences.

Feel free to buy this voip phone that will greatly improve the productivity of your employees.

Features of the Mitel Aastra 6863i ip phone: 

VoIP phone for companies.
Supports up to 2 SIP accounts.
3 programmable buttons.
2 100 BaseT Ethernet ports with 1 Ethernet switch.
6.75" 6-line monochrome LCD screen.
PoE power supply.
XML compatible.
Easy navigation arrow.
Administrator and user passwords.
Encryption of configuration files.

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