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Become VoIP Service Provider

Become VoIP Service Provider

White Label Reseller

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Whether you are a reseller, VoIP integrator or have any other telecommunication activity, you can become a Hivoox reseller and offer our VoIP offers to your customers and earn money with IP telephony.


Whether you are a reseller, voip integrator, store selling IP telephones or any other IT and telecommunications activity, you can become a Hivoox reseller and offer our Voip offers to your customers.

We provide you with an anonymous VOIP telephony platform, allowing you to manage your customers. Thanks to this platform, you will be able to buy and resell call minutes, calling plans, virtual numbers, and a quality hosted switchboard.

In our system, you buy our services and you resell them to your customers in white label, with your prices, your currency and in your language.

By becoming a Voip reseller, you will benefit from reduced rates for our entire range of VoiP services.


After activating your anonymous Voip reseller account, you must tell us the desired selling prices per service, as well as your currency and interface language. The platform will be available on an anonymous domain, and will allow you to manage your customers, configure accounts, close them, block, suspend, etc.

The administrator interface

The administrator interface is a web portal that allows you to:

Manage phone lines of your customers.
Manage the switchboards of your customers.
Update their billing information.
Recharge their accounts.
Validate their payments...

The Customer Interface

Through the Client interface, your users will have access to a web portal allowing them to manage their telephone line or virtual switchboard completely independently. This interface allows you to:

Recharge credit automatically.
Pay and download invoices.
See active subscriptions and their expiration dates.
Configure switchboard extensions.
Configure call forwarding.
Configure opening hours.
Create menus for the switchboard.
Add or edit voicemail.
Add or change greeting.
Create call queue with music…

Your customers will also have access to a sub-interface with the same characteristics for each of their users.

Technical support

If you don't have a technical support team, no problem. We will support your customers from an anonymous email address, with your signature. You can also provide us with an email address so that it can be configured in our system.

With this service, your customers can contact support via email and have a quick response from our support team.
Your customers can ask for help with installing services, configuring the virtual switchboard, configuring equipment, etc.

Special Terms of Service

1- Hivoox will provide its services to the Reseller according to the terms mentioned on the page of each desired service.

2- The Reseller may add or modify services throughout the duration of the contract. He may also delete services by informing Hivoox of his wish not to renew them after their end dates. Hivoox will be authorized to invoice the Reseller for the addition, modification, or deletion of services before the end of the term.

3- The Reseller acknowledges, given the nature of the services provided by Hivoox and its professional status, that no right of withdrawal may be exercised. The Reseller expressly accepts that no refund is possible for all or even part of the amount paid to recharge his account or purchase services.

4- The Reseller will provide Hivoox with all information, documents, resources, and other data enabling it to properly install its services. The Reseller will ensure that its team and partners will be available and willing to cooperate fully with Hivoox so as not to cause any delays. If needed by Hivoox, The Reseller will provide the information requested. The Reseller understands that the delivery of its services will be delayed while Hivoox is awaiting the information it has requested.

5- The Reseller assumes responsibility for each telephone number of which it is the holder. The Reseller is particularly liable for all incoming and outgoing traffic on its platform, even undesirable traffic. It is the Reseller's responsibility to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic and to ensure that it is desirable traffic.

6- The Reseller agrees not to use the service for attempted telephone scams, abusive prospecting methods without prior consent or for any use that undermines public order or morality and to verify compliance and legality of use of the Service in the country of receipt of the service.

7- In the event of illicit use, considered abusive or not respecting these Terms of Service, Hivoox reserves the right to suspend the Reseller's service. As far as possible, but without being obliged to do so, Hivoox will warn him that the use of the service is the subject of an improper or manifestly abusive use.

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