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Take advantage of this excellent Phone calls reception service provided by the callcenter Stal Center. Phone calls reception in French for companies.


Stal Center is a call center based in Morocco, which offers this service of Phone calls reception in French. The prices indicated are for incoming calls with an average of 4 minutes per call. If you are looking for a Phone calls reception service in French with an average of more than 4 minutes per call, or if you have a volume of calls higher than the indicated, you can contact us to get a personalized quote from Stal Center. In this case, the rates are negotiable depending on the nature of the activity and the number of incoming calls.

Service features

Type: Call center
Commercial name: Stal Center
Hours: 09 a 19 o'clock from Monday to Friday
Country: Morocco
Number of available agents: 69
Type of calls: calls with an average of 4 minutes per call

How does it work?

If you are interested in this service, you must add it to the cart, follow the instructions and make the payment. As soon as the payment is made, Stal Center will receive your order and will contact you to receive your instructions and organize the tasks. You can also contact Stal Center through our contact form to make sure the service matches your needs.

For incoming calls

If you have a VoIP number from Hivoox, your calls will be redirected for free to the Stal Center systems for processing. Otherwise, you must forward your calls to a telephone number that Stal Center will indicate after receiving your order.

Validity and Unsubscribe

This service is valid for 30 days and automatically renews each month on the same date. If you subscribe on 05, your next billing would be 05 the following month. To unsubscribe, simply send us an email and request to cancel the service. Note that you must request the closure of your account, prior to the billing date and have no outstanding bill.

Cancellation and refund

You can cancel your order at any time before the start of work by Stal Center, and the amount paid will be refunded in full. After the start of work by Stal Center, it is no longer possible to cancel your order. There is also no possible refund for a request for early Unsubscribe from the service.

More Information
Price $170.59
Equipments No
Teleworkers No
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