Italy: Package DID Porretta terme - The area code 39-534

Italy : Pack DID porretta terme 39-534

Italy virtual number package in Porretta terme (area code 39-534) to resell or use in your company. DID number package in Porretta terme with the best price and quality.

DID Package from Porretta terme (Italy) with the area code 39-534. DID number in Porretta terme city for resale or for use in your business. Porretta terme (Italy) DID number package for your business.

By subscribing to this Service Pack DID Porretta terme 39-534 (Italy), we will provide you with a SIP trunk to connect the numbers to your server or other. We can also provide you with one or more SIP accounts for the use or integration of these Porretta terme DID number with your systems.

Features of the Porretta terme DID Package:

Landline numbers from Porretta terme (Italy).
Area code: 39-534
Allows to receive 2 simultaneous calls (more than 2, contact us).
Customizable voicemail.
Call forwarding to IP.
Call forwarding to another number.
Allows to play music on hold.
Allows to add a welcome message.
Call forwarding according to schedules.
Call log.
Caller ID.
Support audio codecs G729, G711u and G711a.
Web interface to manage your numbers.

Special conditions of the Porretta terme DID Package

1- The Porretta terme DID Package numbers will be assigned to your Hivoox account, and you must register the number for each new user. To register the number, you must provide us with a copy of the end user's identity card or passport + proof of address of less than 6 months. In the case of a company, you must also provide a copy of the company document. For some numbers, we may ask for additional information or local documents for its registration.

If you do not provide these documents, incoming calls will be blocked on the number concerned.

2- By subscribing to this service, you declare that you are a reseller of VOIP services or a company that will use these numbers for its needs, and you agree to make legal use of the service.

Validity and Subscription

The Porretta terme DID Package has a duration of 30 days and is renewed automatically each month. If you subscribe on 01, your next bill would be on 01 of the following months. To unsubscribe, simply email us and request cancellation of the service. Note that your request must be made before the invoice date and you must not have unpaid invoices.

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