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A local contact in Kenya is a company or individual who resides in Kenya, available to carry out various missions for your company in Kenya or to help in everything that is necessary and legal in Kenya.


Our local contact service in Kenya puts at your service a company or individual residing in Kenya, available to carry out various missions in Kenya for your company or to help in everything that is necessary and legal. You can use this service to receive correspondence in Kenya, register a domain, register a telephone number, present documents at administrative offices, verify certain information and addresses, etc.

Your contact in Kenya will be available when you need his help and will carry out the missions according to your instructions and requirements. You choose your billing method (per hour, per day, per week, per month, by mission, per correspondence ...) and we take care of the rest.

This service is provided exclusively to companies or individuals who have professional ties to Kenya and who wish to have a local contact to help them easily resolve problems related to their absence from the territory of Kenya.

Our contacts are professionals with experience and skills in various fields of activity, they will be able to help you, with seriousness, discretion, and diligence necessary for this type of service.

By hiring this service, Hivoox will assign you the local contact in Kenya with skills necessary for the execution of your mission, and available in the city of Kenya of your choice.

Service features:

Local contact in Kenya for various missions.
Sending and collecting letters and documents to the administration in Kenya.
Verification of certain information, places and addresses in Kenya.
Provide a temporary mailing address.
Forwarding of received correspondence, according to your needs.
Receipt of packages and forwarding to your address.
Car rental, apartments, hotel and restaurant reservations.
Scanning of received documents and sending by email.
Payment of utility bills in Kenya.
Recovery of documents from public or private organizations.
Search for various information in Kenya.
Storage of correspondence or packages received.
Domain registration.
Telephone number registration ...

When you hire this local contact service in Kenya, our team will analyze your needs, select the best profile for the performance of your tasks, and guarantee the quality of the service provided to you. To facilitate the monitoring of the missions carried out and avoid any inconvenience, your requests and instructions should be sent exclusively through the support ticket or by phone to the number dedicated to this service.

Necessary and mandatory documents

Copy of the commercial register or other document of your company.
Proof of address of less than 3 months in your name or that of the company.
Copy of the identity document or passport of the company manager.

Special conditions

When subscribe to this service:

You understand and agree that Hivoox acts as an intermediary between you and the local contact in Kenya; that all communications with the local contact in Kenya must be made exclusively through the communication channels authorized by Hivoox (support ticket or the telephone number dedicated to this service).

You warrant that the use of this service will not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties and that it will not be used for illegal activities.

You understand and agree that failure to comply with these obligations may lead Hivoox, at its sole discretion and without prior notice if necessary, to suspend or terminate your service.

You acknowledge and agree that Hivoox is not responsible for your use of this service and that Hivoox will provide the authorities with all necessary information and documents if requested.

Hivoox will act as an intermediary between you and the local contact in Kenya and will carry out all missions according to your instructions, to ensure the success of the missions.


To unsubscribe, it will be enough to inform us by email or by ticket through the contact button available on this website, with an advance of 5 days, before the invoice date and not have an unpaid invoice. In case of cancellation of the subscription, Hivoox reserves the right to finish tasks in progress, reject correspondence, delete documents or packages or any other information.

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