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Kurdish - Appointment arrangement


With this Appointment Service in Kurdish, our telemarketing team in Kurdish will arrange business appointments for your company in Kurdistan or other Kurdish-speaking countries.


With this Appointment Service in Kurdish, our telemarketing team in Kurdish will arrange business appointments in Kurdish for your company, anywhere in Kurdistan or another Kurdish-speaking country.

Our agents work from their home, private office, or our call centers, they all speak Kurdish at the native level and have extensive experience in telemarketing and making business appointments in Kurdish. Our team will work for you without a contract, but with professionalism, determination, and efficiency to produce the best possible result for you.

You will benefit from the services of an experienced team, to attract new customers and increase your sales in Kurdistan or another Kurdish-speaking country. If you are looking for a Kurdish call center capable of arranging qualified business appointments in Kurdistan or another Kurdish speaking country, you can trust us. All you must do is buy this Appointment Service in Kurdish and send us your instructions, the link to your website, the documents detailing your offer and your sales pitch if you have one.

Our team will study each project and apply selection criteria, such as training, country of residence, Kurdish accent, knowledge of the product or service, experience, and motivation to determine the profiles that best suit your needs.

We have been present in the Kurdish telemarketing market for several years, we know how to select the best profiles to help you grow your business.

Strengths of this service:

Arrangement of appointments in Kurdish.
Appointments in Kurdistan or another Kurdish-speaking country.
Appointments with your potential clients.
Agents with experience in making appointments by phone.
Kurdish-speaking telephone operators.
The telemarketing campaign based on your needs and goals.

If the information you are looking for is not found on this page, please visit our FAQ page, or send us your question through the contact menu available on this website.

Language of contact with the client.

Whether you speak Kurdish or not, you can use our Appointment Service in Kurdish for your business. All communications from our agents with your company will be made in one of our communication languages.

Activation and termination.

To properly study your product or service and make the selection of the competent agents for your campaign, the activation of the Appointment Service in Kurdish is activated within 3 days of payment, and starts counting from the first call made by our agents. The service lasts 30 days and is automatically renewed every month.

To cancel this service, simply email us through the contact form available on the site and request to unsubscribe from the service. Please note that unsubscribe request must be made before the invoice date and must not have unpaid invoices.


Given the necessary configurations, the efforts we must make and the investment necessary to offer you this Appointment Service in Kurdish, we do not accept the refund or cancellation of the order. We recommend that you choose the smallest option to test the service before upgrading to a higher option.

Amounts paid to recharge your account, to pay for confirmed appointments and calling minutes, will be refunded, if not used.


We cannot guarantee you a specific number of confirmed appointments, nor can we guarantee that we will achieve the desired results. However, we can assure you that we are aware that only a satisfactory result can convince you to renew the service and continue collaborating with us. Our team will do everything in their power to give you results, so that you are satisfied with our services.

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