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By revision of metadata, we mean the revision of the titles and descriptions of your site that the search engines and web directories, use to present your site or its pages in the search results. Our team will check and correct your metadata so that visitors can visit your website when you appear in the search results. These titles and descriptions should not be repeated in your pages because they will be interpreted by search engines as duplicate content, which is harmful for your SEO.

What does the metadata look like?

When you search for content on google, the content is presented as follows:
In blue- Page title
In green- The link of the page
In gray- The description of the page
With this information, users can preview the content of the page and can decide to click on the link to visit your website.

Service features

Revision of the metadata according to the content of your pages.
Choose one of our languages: English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.
Includes metadata for a website (1 domain name).
Titles of 60 characters.
Descriptions of 160 characters.
Delivery time 5 days.

Revision of titles and descriptions from your website is possible only if your site already has this information. If you do not have them, you should choose the "Metadata Writing" service.


All titles and descriptions will be delivered to you within the specified time, in Word format or added directly to your website. You can easily check the quality of our work.

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