IP phone Gigaset A510 IP

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The Siemens Gigaset A510IP is a wireless phone that allows you to configure up to 6 IP lines, an analog line and allows up to 3 simultaneous calls: 2 + 1 analog VOIP. Easy to install, the Gigaset A510 IP only needs to be connected to a router or modem, to make or receive phone calls without having a computer.

All VoIP calls are delivered in HDSP ™ for exceptional sound. Without interference or distortion, excellent voice clarity and exceptional sound.

One of the main benefits of the Gigaset A510IP is the free access to online information services such as weather forecasts, e-mail notification or RSS feeds from your favorite websites through your phone, through the protector screen (even with the PC off). You can also access a calendar search online through your phone Gigaset A510IP.

This cordless phone features ECO DECT functionality that allows saving energy and reducing radiation. The power supply of the Gigaset A510IP consumes less electricity, so it is kinder to the environment and kinder to your wallet.

Characteristics : 

Up to 6 SIP accounts and 6 phone accounts.
Up to 3 simultaneous calls: 2 Internet and 1 landline with multiple terminals.
You can use multiple providers simultaneously.
It allows to call with an analogue landline or IP line.
Easy configuration of IP telephony (VoIP) without a PC.
Built-in technology for integration into any LAN.
Hands-free. (Separate speaker)
Agenda 150 records.
Autonomy: 250h standby / 23 hours talk time.
7 function keys.
Assing SIP accounts individually to terminals and manage the accounts separately to send and receive calls.


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