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If you are looking for a wireless phone to use Hivoox services in your home or office, we strongly recommend the Gigaset C530IP. Gigaset C530IP is a DECT / VoIP wireless phone that offers excellent online call quality.

To install it, you just need a broadband internet access, a router and a Hivoox line; it doesn’t require a computer on. It’s the ideal IP telephone to save on calls without losing the audio quality and take advantage of all the features that the Hivoox voip service offers.

Up to 6 DECT wireless terminals

Furthermore, this phone supports up to 6 DECT wireless terminals, allowing you to have up to 6 independent IP lines + 1 analog line. Nothing better to make 3 simultaneous calls (2 VoIP and 1 analog).

For example: you can call with your Spain number, your partner with the France line, while your secretary responds with the other terminal to the customer inquiry using the analog line.

Characteristics : 

Switching calls: VoIP (SIP) or/and analog by the "tel" key.
Easy installation: IP router connection (RJ45) and analog line (RJ11)
Eco DECT Technology
Caller ID (name and number) with CLIP
Phonebook: 150 entries (name, 3 tel numbers, email, etc.)

Agenda transferable between terminals
Headset jack (2.5mm Jack)
Autonomy: 13h - 210h.
Up to 6 terminals
Range: 50m indoors, 300m outdoors
Display: 4-line, backlit, 4096 colors

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