IP phone Panasonic TGP600

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The phone Panasonic TGP 600 combines all the advantages of IP telephony, the functionality of a business phone and the convenience of a web management system, which makes it the ideal solution for small businesses and freelancers.

By integrating the phone with IP telephony services Hivoox offers, you can have all purchased services in one terminal. IP desktop phone that inside incorporates a DECT base, giving a new IP-DECT solution and greater flexibility to the wireless SIP solution, this phone also supports HD sound quality.

With its HD music on hold service, it allows you to take calls and do not miss important calls, thanks to the integration of this phone with Hivoox IP telephony services. The messages of missed calls, displayed in the screen, are also shown in the DECT terminal, so you have Caller ID.

Characteristics : 

Telephone base unit + handset
DECT wireless Phone with SIP voip System.
HD wideband audio
Easy web configuration
Large backlit LCD display
Up to 8 SIP accounts
Supports up to 6 DECT handsets (for base) 
Agenda 100 records
Compatible DECT
Intercom DECT base terminal + residual
Message indicator lamp base terminal
Indicator lights for use of supplemental terminals
Dial/Answer without picking up the base

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