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The Belgium fax number service, allows you to rent a fax number in Belgium to receive faxes by email or on your fax machine as if you were physically in Belgium. When your correspondent sends a fax to your Belgium fax number, you will receive the fax by email as an attachment, PDF, PNG, TIFF. You can also choose to receive notification when you receive a fax and download it from the web portal of your Hivoox account.

The Belgium fax number can be used by individuals or companies resident in Belgium or in another country. When sending you a fax, the person living in Belgium will pay the price of a local fax and you just pay the monthly fee regardless of the number of faxes you receive.

How does it work?

After purchasing your Belgium fax number you will receive in a period of 2-24 hours, an email with your fax number and the access to your control panel. By default, the account is set to forward all fax to the e-mail used for the registration. However, from your account web portal you will be able to configure the email address destination for the faxes and the file format to receive by email. If you have an analog telephone adapter that supports the T.38 protocol, you can configure it with the fax sip account to receive or send faxes from your fax machine.

Features of the Belgium fax number

Belgium fax number to receive fax by email or fax machine.
Receive fax by internet.
Fax reception in PDF, PNG or TIFF format.
Web interface for fax management.
Receive faxes in your email address or fax machine.
Keep your faxes in digital format and save money.
Receive faxes as if you were in Belgium.
Receive fax by internet, wherever you have access to your mailbox.

Special conditions of Belgium fax number

Document required to activate the number:
1- Copy of your Passport or ID card.
2- Your address in Belgium (Street, number, city, postal code, etc).
In the case of a corporation, you must also provide a registration certificate.
If we do not receive the requested documents, your order will be canceled and the amount paid will not be refunded.

The customer subscribes to the Belgium fax number to receive the faxes by Internet. To receive faxes, the customer must have an email address or a sip terminal supporting the T.38 protocol connected to the Internet ADSL, WIFI, 3G, 4G, etc. To send the faxes with a fax machine, the customer must have an analog telephone adapter that supports the T.38 protocol, and faxes are charged according to our current rates.

Validity and Unsubscription

The Belgium fax number service has a duration of 30 days and is renewed automatically every month. If you subscribe on 01, your next billing would be the 01 of the following month. To unsubscribe, simply send us an email and ask for the cancellation of the service. Please note that your request must be made before the billing date and you must not have unpaid invoices.

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