Virtual assistant: French Virtual secretary Iman Khaoulani

French Virtual Assistant - Iman Khaoulani


Iman Khaoulani is a virtual worker in french, available to perform her tasks without being present in her office and without the need of a work contract.


Are you looking for someone to help you with certain tasks without contracts, restrictions or social security?
Iman Khaoulani is a virtual worker in french, with experience and availability to perform his tasks without being present in his office and without the need for a contract or social security expenses. You assign the tasks you want and Iman Khaoulani executes them according to your instructions.

Spoken language: french

Iman Khaoulani Knowledge:
Data entry.
Any Excel job.
Search and collection of web data.
Creation of segmented database (excel).
Add products to your e-commerce site.
Add content to your CMS site.
Organization and management of your emails.
Search for images and other content on the Web.
Comparison of products on websites.
Transcriptions of audio and video files to text.

PDF to Word
PDF to Excel
JPG to Excel.
Word to web
PDF to the web.
JPG to the web.
Web to Excel
Web to Word.
PDF, JPG, TXT, WORD, WEB to your CRM or website.

Details of business cards in excel.
Prepare and send newsletters by email.
Reply and send emails.
Send the requested information to customers.
Any type of administrative work.
Process customer requests.
Any type of data entry project.

Workstation provided by Hivoox

Thanks to our workstation, you can check the work of your agent, the hours worked, pages visited, etc. You will receive a daily report that details your agent's use of the Workstation. You can verify the amount of hours dedicated to websites, softwares, browsers, etc. All the information provided to your agent can be deleted at any time. If you request the termination of your collaboration with an agent, he will be immediately excluded from the workstation and will no longer have access to your company's information.

Ultra secure workstation (Cloud Desktop)
Software to monitor the use of the workstation.
Daily report that includes visits to sites, work hours, browsers...
Possibility of blocking access to certain sites, so that the agent concentrates on their tasks.
Office 365 Business
2vCPU processor
2 GB of memory
10 GB of storage
Windows 10
Browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox

If you are interested in Iman Khaoulani's profile, you must subscribe to this service. As soon as your payment is made, Iman Khaoulani will receive your order and will contact you to organize the campaign. You can also contact Iman Khaoulani to make sure his profile matches what your needs before signing up.

Special conditions

The virtual worker Iman Khaoulani will be at your disposal by phone, email, whatsapp, skype or messenger during the hours and days that you subscribe, except on weekends.

If after the start of the tasks, you decide to stop your collaboration with the virtual worker Iman Khaoulani, only the days worked will be paid to the agent. In this case, you must pay Hivoox 10 euros as a management fee and you will be reimbursed the difference of the amount paid. You can cancel your order at any time if the virtual worker does not contact you 48 hours after placing the order.

More Information
Price $216.08
Equipments No
Teleworkers No
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