VoIP migration pack with calling plan and virtual switchboard

VoIP migration pack


VoIP migration pack with Grandstream HT813 to convert landline to voip, international calling plan, virtual switchboard and greetings for all types of companies.


Do you want to migrate to a virtual switchboard, but can't find a voip number for your country or are they too expensive? We have a solution for you. Our VoIP migration pack allows you to easily solve this problem in order to quickly start taking advantage of the innovative features of IP telephony.

With this VoIP migration pack, you can choose the quantity of extensions for your virtual switchboard, the calling plan, messages for your switchboard and take advantage of a configuration made by our technical team, in order to migrate to voip and enjoy its benefits.

Thanks to this VoIP migration pack, calls from your traditional landline are automatically transferred to your virtual switchboard, which decides the destination of the call according to your configuration. Calls can be transferred to an extension of the voip switchboard, to an external landline or mobile number, to voicemail, call queue with music or other.

You can direct your customers to the right person with a voice message, at no cost and without the usual geographic limits. With this service the call can be transferred to someone in the same office, in another city or country, without costing you a single penny.

The included calling plan will allow you to make calls using voip technology, but you can also use the switchboard extensions to make calls with your traditional landline easily.

Included in this VoIP migration pack

Grandstream HT813 telephone adapter

The Grandstream HT813 has 1 FXS port to connect an analog telephone and 1 FXO port to connect your PSTN landline. Thanks to its FXS and FXO port, you can now automatically and without any cost transfer your calls from the landline to a voip switchboard and make calls with your landline using an extension of your voip switchboard. You will be able to continue to benefit from all the services which offer your landline, but also the innovative functionalities of IP telephony.

With this adapter, you are sure to never lose an important call, because in the event of a power cut, your traditional landline will continue to function without any problems.

Virtual Switchboard

The switchboard included in this VoIP migration pack is a hosted switchboard (virtual switchboard), operational in minutes without any hardware installation. This switchboard offers more functionality than a traditional switchboard and adapts to all the needs of your business.

Virtual telephone switchboard.
Customizable welcome message (Auto attendant).
Portal to manage your telephone line.
Menus to guide callers.
Configuration of working hours.
Recording of calls made and received (contact us).
Customizable call queue.
Customizable music on hold.
Call transfer between extensions.
Personalized voicemail for each extension.
Identification of incoming call numbers.
Log of calls made and received.
Call blocking by extension…

Calling plan

This Office VoIP Pack includes a Calling Plan to call the landlines and mobiles of the chosen country, with the telephone number included. You can share the minutes of this Call Plan with other users.

10 hours of calls per month to use alone or to share.
Calls to landlines and mobiles in the selected country.
Displays your phone number with each call.
Excellent voice quality.
Make and receive calls as if you were in the selected country.

Greetings and others

You can choose to add professional greetings to your switchboard to improve your brand image. You can add any type of message, such as: welcome message, voicemail, music on hold, etc.

Special conditions.

Calls to destinations not included in this Voip Migration Pack and calls made when you exhaust the minutes of the plan, will be billed per prepaid minute, according to the rates in effect at Hivoox. The minutes of this Voip Migration Pack cannot be renewed before the date of its monthly renewal.

This Voip Migration Pack is valid for 30 days and is automatically renewed each month. If the customer subscribes on day 01, their next billing will be on 01 of the following months. To unsubscribe, the customer must simply send us an email requesting termination.

This service is exclusively reserved for companies. The customer is solely responsible with the authorities of his country, in the use of this technology.

To use this Voip Migration Pack, the customer must prove to Hivoox that he is the holder of the telephone line by providing a copy of the last invoice, a copy of the commercial register or other document of the company and a copy manager's passport or identity card.

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