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The virtual assistant São Tome, is a teleworker resident in São Tome, with skills and available to perform tasks for your company in São Tome or other country, from São Tome.


The virtual assistant São Tome, is a teleworker resident in São Tome, with skills and available to perform tasks for your company in São Tome or other country, from São Tome, without an employment contract or other obligation on your part. With this service, you will benefit from the knowledge and availability of a resident agent in São Tome for your tasks and will pay Hivoox Telecom for this service. There will be no employer-employee relationship between you and the agent.

Having studied in São Tome or abroad, these agents have been working with Hivoox Telecom in São Tome for some time and have offered their excellent services to Hivoox users in São Tome and around the world.

Graduated and motivated, the virtual assistant of São Tome is an agent who wants to show you his skills and is available to work under your supervision and instruction from São Tome. Take advantage of this service to reduce your workload and give the virtual assistant São Tome all the tasks that take a long time and focus on growing your business in São Tome or abroad.

With this virtual secretary service in São Tome, you give your instructions and the agent will run from one of our secure centers in São Tome, from his home or private office in São Tome. Present in the teleworking market in São Tome for several years, we know how to select the best profiles to support you in the growth of your company.

Features of the virtual assistant São Tome

Virtual secretary in São Tome.
Country of residence: São Tome.
Languages spoken: Portuguese
Nationality: São Tome and foreigners residing in São Tome.
Agents graduated, experienced and available to perform the following tasks:

Creation of contact list.
Various research on the internet.
Data extraction from websites.
Update product listings in CMS.
Creation and translation of product sheets.
Upload content to the e-commerce platform.
Blog management
Forum moderation.
Content writing for blogs.
Translation of websites and documents.
Creation of commercial images.
Logo creation.
Server Configuration.
Webmaster for your website.
Preparation of digital marketing campaigns.
Search engine optimization.
Creation of videos.
Preparation, sending and monitoring of emailing campaigns.
Publication of advertisements on the internet.
Publication of content on social networks.
Mail processing and tracking.
All kinds of tasks in Microsoft Word.
Creation of Excel spreadsheets.
Convert PDF documents to Word.
Travel organization.
Calendar Management.
Administrative and accounting assistance.
Issuance of sales invoices.
Accounting tasks.
Drafting of commercial and legal documents.

If the ones you need are not indicated in the list, contact us before hiring this São Tome virtual assistant service.

Activation and termination of the virtual assistant service São Tome.

The São Tome virtual assistant service is activated within 48 hours after payment. The service lasts 30 days and is automatically renewed every month.

To cancel the São Tome virtual assistant service, simply send us an email through the contact form available on this website and request to unsubscribe from the service. Please note that the cancellation request must be made before the billing date and must not have unpaid invoices.


After activation of the São Tome virtual assistant service, no refund will be accepted.

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