Sell your services and products to thousands of companies around the world.
Descriptions of your services and products will be translated into 4 languages.
Receive your payments instantly via PayPal at each sale.
You have no effort to sell, we will do what is necessary.

Take advantage of a multilingual team, to accompany and help your new customers.
Enjoy international promotion at no cost and increase your sales.
Pay a commission per sale, or we will add a margin on the selling price.
Whether you are a business, an individual or a self-entrepreneur, you can sell on Hivoox.

If your products and services are not part of our categories, and they can be offered to businesses, you can contact us to add the necessary category.

How it works?

To sell your services on our website, you must be a company, a self-entrepreneur or a professional, you must create an account on our website and provide us with a document justifying your professional activity. As soon as your account is validated, you can add your products or services from your private area. You can also ask the help of our agents for the publication of your products.


You decide the fixed amount or the percentage you want to pay us for each sale made on our website, and you must inform us while activating your account.

Our company

Founded by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the information technology and telecommunications, Hivoox Telecom is a voip service provider that offers services to businesses around the world.